Our mission is to provide a positive educational experience that teaches students the necessary skills to transition their lives towards success within their community. As our mission statement indicates, our main focus is helping students transition.

  •   Transition from academic struggles to academic success
  •   Transition from behavioral difficulties towards positive and appropriate behavior
  •   Transition from school to gainful employment
  •   Transition from failure identify towards identity of success
  •   Transition from high school to college


Many students need assistance throughout the transition process. Our academic, clinical, and vocational programs provide the necessary structure and guidance to help students learn the skills to make these transitions a reality. At DHA, we believe ALL STUDENTS HAVE A DESIRE TO SUCCEED. For some students, success is right on the horizon, and for others, success may take a bit more time. Our staff is dedicated to promoting achievement in each student, even the hard to reach student. 


Desert Heights Academy Core Values:

Diversity • Humility • Accountability • Integrity • Respect • Professionalism • Teamwork