Michael Redivo

Michael Redivo, Ph.D. – Executive Director

Dr. Redivo has been with Desert Heights Academy since its start in 2008 and has played a critical role in staff development and training. Dr. Redivo’s Productive Conflict Model is a key part of the Desert Heights Academy program, which teaches students that conflict is inevitable – but it is how they deal with that conflict that will impact their futures. Additionally, Dr. Redivo has been a fundamental part of the Desert Heights Academy clinical program and continues to provide guidance and support to all our clinical team members.

Sam Wright

Samuel L. Wright, Jr., M.Ed. – Director of Operations

Mr. Wright has also been with Desert Heights Academy since its start in 2008. As the Director of Operations, Mr. Wright has played a critical role in the overall development of the program for both staff and students. Mr. Wright has utilized his previous experience in the field as well as his continued education to reach out to the students at Desert Heights Academy and support them in overcoming any obstacles that may be in their path to success. Mr. Wright’s leadership and guidance are continually sought after by staff and students, making him a key individual in the Desert Heights Academy organization.

Linda Perez

Lindsay R. Perez, M.A. – Principal, DHA Camelback

Mrs. Perez has been with Desert Heights Academy since 2010 and has been essential in the development of the Desert Oasis program for students with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. She has created a vision for the Oasis program that believes in the competencies and abilities of each student and strives for independence in all aspects of their lives. Additionally, Mrs. Perez has led staff trainings on Autism and individualized supports for students with more significant needs, which has brought more education and knowledge to the Desert Oasis team.

Shari Guerra, Principal, DHA Compadre Academy

Mrs. Guerra started with Desert Heights Academy in the summer of 2015. Mrs. Guerra has been active in the educational field for over 12 years in the Phoenix area, focusing on K-8 instruction, reflective educator mentoring, grant writing and administration. Mrs. Guerra has a proven ability to motivate educators and students toward higher achievement. As part of the Desert Heights Academy leadership team, Mrs. Guerra is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential regardless of their learning style. Her academic instruction, student engagement strategies, and professional knowledge will guide our educational staff throughout the year and will continue to be an asset to our agency.

Yosef Rodel

Yosef W. Rodel, MBA/F – Transition Coordinator

Mr. Rodel began working with Desert Heights Academy in 2012. As the Transition Coordinator, Mr. Rodel works closely with all high school students as they prepare for life post-high school. He has played an integral role in helping the students at Desert Heights Academy find internships, apply for post-secondary education, and complete job applications in order to maintain their path to success. Mr. Rodel’s desire to help students grow up into positive, productive adults is apparent and the rapport he has built with his students allows him to continually guide them towards achieving more after high school than they had thought was possible.
Principal, DHA - Compadre