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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1,When are the starting and ending times for students at Desert Heights Academy?
  2. Question 2, Does Desert Heights Academy have regularly scheduled early release times, and if so, when and what time?
  3. Question 3, What is Desert Heights Academy Confidentiality and Privacy Policy?
  4. Question 4, Can parents and/or guardians visit the school during the day?
  5. Question 5, What is the Desert Heights Academy "stage system"?
  6. Question 6, How do I enroll my child in your school?

Answer 1: The school day starts at 8:30 am and students are dismissed at 2:30 PM. 


Answer 2: On the FIRST Wednesday of each month, we have an early release at 12:30 PM. DHA staff participates in regular in-service training on these Wednesdays, discussing student and classroom programming.


Answer 3: At DHA, we respect the privacy of our students and their families. Ethical and legal guidelines indicate that minor students and their legal guardians have the right to have their records remain confidential. A release form will need to be signed to permit information exchange with others who are not legal guardians of the student during the initial intake.


Answer 4: As a parent or legal guardian of a DHA student, you are always welcome to come to the school for visits. Often times, the students are engaged in various activities in and out of class, or may be off campus. In efforts to not disrupt such activities, we ask that you call ahead to arrange your visit. We also ask that you support our efforts and maintaining a positive school culture. 


Answer 5: At Desert Heights Academy we strive to provide a positive structure that will allow our students to track their own success. There are 5 behavioral stages and each student begins their time at DHA on stage 1. Students will earn their way to higher stages by demonstrating consistent, positive classroom behaviors. As they advance through the stages, their privileges also increase, providing positive incentives for productive behavior.


Answer 6: Typically, students are referred to our program through their home school psychologist. However, there are exceptions to working directly with a school district. If your child has received a scholarship or you are interested in private placement, please contact us at 602-277-4482.