Desert Alternatives is an alternative education program serving students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Students are referred to Desert Alternatives due to disruptive behavioral problems in their home school classrooms. Desert Alternatives provides a highly structured, positive learning environment for students to strengthen their academics and improve their behavior.  Staff consists of certified teachers and instructional assistants who are effective in providing both academic instruction and positive behavior management.  Students receive excellent academic programming (small work groups are regularly used) along with an evidenced based positive behavior management model to assist with their behavior (Productive Conflict and CPI models).  School districts use Desert Alternatives as a time limited intervention for students who are not responding to behavioral interventions within their home school.  The progress of students is measured by their advancement through the stage system, which targets the consistent practice of appropriate academic and social skills.  Once a student advances to stage 4, a transition process is started to re-unite the student back with their home district. Desert Alternatives is an effective intervention.  In the Fall Semester of 2012, over 25% of students were successfully transitioned back to their home school.  We have two program locations, both located in the Roosevelt School District.

Program Contact
Please contact Dr. Michael Redivo at 602-743-2956 for more information.  Enrollment is a simple and easy process and can be completed within one day.